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How to reset your home and create stress-free zone

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Oftentimes we don’t realise how much overload we are bringing from the outside world to our homes. The stress of the outside world and worries and disorganisation can set off not so desired outcomes in our daily habits. Stress can affect us all in a different ways, but often we lose track of the positivity and the energy that keeps us going. think. If you want to learn how to reset your home and create a stress-free zone with my most helpful tips

Declutter every month for a stress-free home

One of the most important habit that I have noticed is decluttering. It helps with your overall mood and it keeps your stress level much lower when you have an organised home. We accumulate so many items unnoticed, some of them we never even use and these items will sit on a shelf untouched.

The disorganisation will affect not only cause you more stress but also affects your ability to focus. Especially if your home actually gets overwhelmed by these items. So going through section by section every month and giving away or throwing out everything that’s been untouched for the past 2 months. After you’ve finished the task, you can feel the difference at that moment. Your home will be much calmer and resetting your home will reset your mind too.

Make your bed every morning

This may seem a really simple task, and it is. But it can help so much with your overall mood. When your bed is made when you get up from bed in the morning. First, it helps you not to go back to bed in case you have a chance to do that. Going back to bed after waking up can lead to a longer period of time spent in bed if we allow ourselves to watch tv or movies in bed. Afterwards, we realised how much time we could have used for something that actually matters to us.

And second, it helps to keep your home looking tidy and organised. Get cushions and blankets to make your bed look like a piece of decorative object. Create a bed that is pleasing to your eye and home. This prevents you to not go back to bed during the day. However, in the evening, don’t let yourself not enjoy the bed. If you can actually get to go to sleep earlier, for the reason that you’ve created the bed you love, is a great advantage.

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Reset your home with a cosy corner

This is definitely not the first time I’ve talked about cosy corners. I genuinely believe it helps you to reset your mind completely. You can choose your favourite things to do, you are nourishing your mind and well-being. Your corner can be anything you like. I have made my cosy corner from two large cushions, and little decoration on the wall. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and allows you to detach from the rest of the setting for a moment.

I started doing this recently when we moved to our current home. I needed to create a space for myself where I get to reset and relax, with no distractions.

Start to reset your home for less stress

Since I started to follow these steps, I’ve got more energy for myself, I don’t stress about my surrounding anymore. And my home actually feels so much better and a relaxing safe place. Start to implement these simple habits in your daily life to see and feel the difference.

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