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Self-care routine for better start of the day (2023)

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There are times when our lives gets so busy and overwhelming that we loose motivation and it’s hard to get anything done. All you want to do is stay under the blanket, shut the world and sleep.

With my self-care routine, you can have your January and beginning of the year for better start! I was really struggling with my mental wellbeing last year and with these simple and quick tips I started to get my focus back to my life again and feeling so much happier and better. I still implement these habits into my mourning routine to keep my metal wellbeing in control.


Starting your morning with 5-10 minutes of meditation. Meditation offers benefits that your whole body and mind will let go of anything unnecessary. Focusing on your breathing, your mind and every sense you can feel, nothing else isn’t important in those 10 minutes.

Meditation, understanding what it means and mostly what it does to your body and mind has helped me the most, having a clear mind. Feeling that you are able to do anything you wish to achieve in life and embracing the calm you get to spend with yourself.

I can say that meditation has been the biggest help for myself to feel full of energy and do everything I need to do during the day. Other benefits meditation has are

  •  Self-awareness
  • Lower stress levels
  • Better mental clarity

Journaling and making lists

Myself I’m a list person, writing down daily to do lists helps me to be more concentrated and productive. It also allows me to track down what I have already achieved and what still needs to be done.

This doesn’t needs to be anything too fancy piece of paper and a pen will do the job. However if you enjoy doodling and drawing you can always make it more attractive and it is another added benefit for your self-care.

Journaling is a brilliant way to understand your feelings. If you’re not completely sure why you’re feeling like this or you just want to put your feeling down on a paper, you can always reflect back to them and understand the situation better in a few days time.

Read a book

What is better than making a cosy corner, pillows, blankets, cushions, whatever makes you feel cosy, relaxed and comfortable and take a book that interests you.

I’m not biggest fan of books, however if I can educate myself more on a subject of my interest, I’m always loving reading. So whatever kind of book you’re interested in, take an advantage of the moment and allow yourself to take the advantage of your time alone.

Alone time just by yourself

Finally but not last, this is the habit that I still religiously do every morning. I will never skip my “morning coffee self-care” moment. I prepare a cup of coffee I sit down by the table and enjoy the moment without phone or electronic devices.

This is a moment that I use combination of these habits. At times I feel like it’s the right moment to write down my to do list for the day. Other times I just wish to focus being aware of the moment.

I listen to the sounds of birds, sometimes there is already traffic going on when I wake up and some mornings it’s complete silence.

This practise has helped me to understand and focus for the simplest things that’s happening around me and the calmness. Adding this to your daily routine will help with focus, to understand where to draw your attention afterwards to the most important things.

With these useful habits I have managed to have balanced life and I still have energy and feel motivated to pursue my career change path, it’s not always simple, even if I’m trying to implement all these habits. But this has helped me to focus for the most important things and even if I’ve listed all these four tips, it doesn’t mean every morning I do everything. Like mornings when I need to go to work, I won’t be reading a book, but when I have my day off and I feel like it’s the perfect way of healing myself with little self-love. Everything depends of the moment you have in your hands and what fits the best.

I hope you can get some inspiration of these tips and start to create your own self-love routine to get the best out of yourself!


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