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How to be more Mindful

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I love the concept of mindful life, to let yourself live life most valuable. But what does it really mean to be more mindful? And how can it be achieved?

I started to learn more about spiritual life, especially about mindful lifestyle little over a year ago. I had been feeling little lost and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life for a while. I didn’t feel good about myself, rather frustrated. I went to work and when I came back home, all I was able to do is go to bed and sleep.

And I started to search how to establish a daily routine when you really didn’t feel like having one. I came across term “Mindful living” and it got my attention and I wanted to learn more.

What is Mindful lifestyle

At its easiest mindful lifestyle is being more aware of your surroundings and being more present in our lives. Moreover living by our own values and morals.

When we are putting our goals on our priorities, we become much more aware what is happening around us. It is easier to notice small things, that are easy to over look when our minds are wandering everywhere.

Implementing practices that helps to achieve mindfulness in your life has great benefits;

Being mindful helps with our well-being. It balances our lives, we don’t need to rush everywhere to multi task too many things at the same time. It is easier to set time aside for work and our own time.

Physical health. Mindful lifestyle can ease the rushing feeling in life, which can help us to enjoy the life as it is. Therefore having less hectic lifestyle reduces stress levels, which in chain reaction will help to ease other health issues. Such as headache, insomnia and low energy levels.

Mental well-being. Recent years mental health has been a big concern, the way we live our lives affects to that in so many ways. Spirituality and mindfulness helps to ease down our lives, it brings more clarity into our brain. Having more clear mind we are able to achieve much more and at the same time we are more focussed when being at the present moments. (Helpguide, 2022)

How to become more mindful

At first it seemed really simple. When I started to consider my values that I live by, it was still simple, since I was aware of things that mattered me the most. However when it became to the moment that I needed to learn to say no for things that wasn’t my priority, it got harder. I really didn’t have a reason to not to say no if people asked me to go out. But I knew in that moment I wasn’t focussing on my priority list. How could I say no, I need to meditate at home or just simply read a book?

When I learned to balance my life better. Understand when I actually needed to do something that mattered to me. I would feel so much better after that, even if I know I would have enjoyed going out too.

Most important thing for myself was really just to learn to say, “no”. It may seem simple but actually implementing it, it’s much more harder. And second take one practise at a time. When you feel you’ve become sufficient enough of your first important practise move on next one. There is no time limit or target, as the main goal is to become more aware and be living in the present.

Simple mindful practise

Sit down in a comfortable position in a spot where you feel the most calm and relax. For me it’s my little “cosy corner” I created for myself.

Sit in silence without any distraction, like phones, computer or anything else. You can keep your eyes open or closed and just listen what is happening around you. Feel the traffic outside, nature, or any sounds you hear in your home. Pay attention for everything that happens around you, but more importantly pay attention how do you feel. How is your mood, is it relaxed or tense. If you feel more tense than normal try to let it go.

This is a practise that I do every morning as part of my morning routine. I enjoy to start my day like this and I feel like it’s the best way to have a better start for your day.


So remember it is your journey, it doesn’t matter how long it takes or how little. Most likely you are not even able to tell that you are partially mindful. You will understand when you actually are there and what it means to you.

Take your time and enjoy the practises you keep doing. If you enjoy meditation or yoga, make it part of your mindful routine. Only you can live by your values and if they change through out the years, that is completely normal as we get older and also our values changes.


1. “Benefits of Mindfulness”. Helpguide. 5 December 2022. Retrieved on 28.1.2023

2. Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash.

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