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Tiia Pietarinen

Fresh homemade ketchup in a glass jar

The best Homemade ketchup

There is nothing better than having baked potatoes dipped in ketchup to snack on. And it makes it even better when you’re dipping your potatoes in homemade ketchup. It tastes

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Homemade granola for slow mornings

Homemade Granola for every day

I love to have a quiet morning before work, enjoying breakfast with as little effort as possible. This simple homemade granola for every day is a perfect way to enjoy

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A woman sitting peacefully on the edge of landscape

How to be more Mindful

I love the concept of mindful life, to let yourself live life most valuable. But what does it really mean to be more mindful? And how can it be achieved?

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Tiia Pietarinen

Digital marketing student, living in London and emracing the life with little self-care 


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